3rd April (Sunday)- 2pm to 4pm

Field Trip to Oakley Woods Cancelled


5th April - 7.45pm

Presentation at the clubhouse - MCPF Travelling Portfolio

  • The Travelling Portfolio is made up of prints and PDI selected from the Photofolio Exhibition held last June. The winning images plus some of the accepted images go into make up an evening entertainment. MCPF judges Judith and Roger Parry and Graham Walton provide a commentary for the prints (first half) and PDI (second half). 


12th April - 7.45pm

Panels Competition at the Clubhouse. 

  • Sets of three prints, mono, colour, nature, creative. Judge Michael Krier ARPS MA (Photography)


14th April - 2pm to 4pm

Field trip to Birmingham - 'More canals than Venice' led by Malcolm Ranieri FRPS MPAGB AFIAP,BPE5*.


19th April - 7.45pm

Lecture at the Clubhouse. NB this is a change to the programme


23rd - 24th April 

'Shakespeare's Birthday Celebrations' Street Photography workshop. Dick Prior ARPS,EFIAP,BPE5*

This weekend is the celebration of Shakespeare's birthday. If  you are interested in joining me in some 'street photography' then meet by the swan fountain on the Bancroft at 10.00 in time for the parade. This link will take you the programme of events  https://www.shakespearescelebrations.com/whats-on/shakespeares-birthday-celebrations/
Lenses to use:
50mm works well in a crowd
short zoom for getting in amongst the action
90mm+ for picking out faces in the crowd.


26th April - 7.45pm

'Malcolm's Treasure Hunt' at the Clubhouse.

  • Judge Malcolm Ranieri FRPS, MPAGB AFIAP,BPE5*.
  • Find the competition rules here.


28th April - 2pm to 4pm

Backup for Canal Trip if the weather is poor on 14th April (N.B. No meeting at Wellesbourne this week). Not needed.