A Selection of Tutorials and 'How-To' Guides, written by various members and others.


1. Creating a Vignette. by Dick Prior

2. High Pass Sharpening. by Dick Prior

3. Creating Print Panels. by Dick Prior

4. Creating Members' Galleries. by David P Howard

5. Black & White Conversions. by Dick Prior

6. Assembling / Disassembling the Photo Viewing Stand. by David P Howard

7. Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts. by K. Setzer

8. Resizing for Digital Projection. by Dick Prior

9. Photoshop Elements 11 Reference Guide. by Adobe

10. Photoshop Elements 15 Reference Guide. by Adobe

11. Photoshop CC Reference Guide. by Adobe

12. LRPS Distinction Guidelines, Successful LRPS Panels, RPS Online Advice Service links by Dick Prior

13. Can you take the LRPS Challenge? by Dick Prior

14. Comparison of sensor sizes by David P Howard

15. Free eMagazines with Warwickshire Library Service by Peter Gilbert

16. Participating in SPG Critique Forums and Mono Interest Groups by David P Howard

17. Neutral Density Filters and Calculations by David P Howard

18. Being Creative with ON1 Photo 10 by Michael Robertson-Smith

19. Making a painted background and frame by Dick Prior

20. Lightroom resources by Peter Gilbert

21. Award Winning Pictures on my way to EFIAP/g by Dick Prior

22. SPG Competition Entry Admin by David P Howard

23. Adobe Camera Raw Guide by Adobe