January 2024


09th January - 7.45pm


  • "Making A Storybook" - a talk by Chris Box on how he composes a Storybook for his grand daughter.
  • We shall also explore other ways to display images.  Few images get printed:  the majority resides on a hard drive or in the cloud.  If you produce photobooks or use a digital frame to display you images, please bring along a couple of photobooks and, if possible your digital frame, and tell us about them.
  • If you have some images to share, bring them on a USB.


23rd January - 7.45pm

Members' Evening

  • "Zonal Processing" - a talk by Ian Bailey on his image processing technique. 
  • Members are invited to bring up to 8 images (DPIs and/or Prints) for comments and discussion in the second half of the evening.