March 2024

05th March - 7.45pm

Assignment - Shadows.

The “Reflections” workshop appeared to be a resounding success. 8 members submitted a total of 77 images, and the quality, diversity and ingenuity were really good. Also good use of post processing, particularly B&W conversions to deal with muddy brown flood water. Well done everyone.

After a brief discussion, the next challenge was selected as “Shadows”. Can you all apply your creativity to this, and come up with up to 10 or so images on a memory stick, on the theme of “Shadows” for the next meeting in two weeks’ time on 5th March 2024. Don’t labour the numbers; even one or two images would be welcome to add to the mix.

We use Adobe Bridge software and the Epson projector to show workshop images. The projector is quite picky in terms of the image properties that are sent to it. The ideal format is jpeg compression, sRGB colour space, 1600 x 1200 pixels (no wider than 1600 and no higher than 1200, even if portrait orientation), and less than 2MB in size. If the image file falls outside of these parameters, Bridge will attempt to modify the image file to suit. In the vast majority of cases this is successful, although it can take a second or so, and the image might flash on the screen whilst it is happening. The results of this auto modification, whilst quite reliable, cannot be guaranteed, and it is far better to sort this out yourselves beforehand, so you can see exactly what your image will look like. The club laptop and the club projector have been carefully profiled to work together, and should produce accurate colours under most conditions. (Any differences between the projected colours and those on your monitor will probably be due to your monitor not being accurately profiled). Be aware that projected images by their very nature can appear slightly brighter and slightly more contrasty than they would appear on a monitor.

Bridge can reduce the size of large images OK. It does take a second or two. Also it takes longer for me to load up the memory sticks at the start if images are too large. One image submitted last night was 5184 x 3888 pixels, 11.8MB, which did fortunately project OK.

What Bridge cannot do is increase the sizes of images that are too small. One image submitted last night was 720 x 527 pixels, and it projected as a very small image in the centre of the screen. If, after cropping that’s all you have left, so be it, but know that it will project small. In the past this has been a particular problem for users of Apple equipment. If they are not careful, image files can be saved as ridiculously small sizes, even if nicely large originally. Check that what has copied to your memory stick is correct.

Left to it’s own devices, the computer will sort files alpha/numerically by the file name, working through the characters from left to right. This may not be the order in which you want your images to appear when projected. To ensure a correct order you should prefix the file name with numbers including a leading zero for numbers under 10, i.e. 01 Flower, 02 Insect, 03 Car, 04 Landscape ……10 Abstract, 11 River....etc. If you don’t use leading zeros, the order will not be correct if there are 10 or more files. i.e. for 12 files it would go 1,10,11,12,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Hope that all helps. Now all we need is some sunshine to make some shadows…

David P Howard

Webmaster SPG



19th March - 7.45pm

Demo & Assignment.

The previous session on “Shadows” produced a wide range of images showing the ingenuity of some authors in interpreting the brief and generating informative discussions about setting up, taking and processing images.

It also highlighted the need for members to ensure that their images conform to the standard for projection of:

  • Maximum width 1600 pixels (landscape orientation)
  • Maximum height 1200 pixels (portrait orientation)
  • Maximum file size 2mb
  • Colour gamut sRGB

Following the discussions, it was decided that the next session on Tue 19 Mar will be in two parts:

  • Cliff will demonstrate NIK Collection for processing images, particularly as monochrome images
  • The assignment for the second half is “Portraits”: people, birds, animals, insects, plants.  Please bring 6-8 images on a USB, ensuring that they comply with the required format above.