May 2019


14th May - 7.45pm


  • Subject - Critique Session:  members are invited to bring four DPIs on a USB (1600x1200; sRBG)
  • Led by - A panel of four club members mimicking the Strictly Come Dancing judges plus your observations.


21st May - 7.45pm


  • "Have I Got Nudes For You" - a talk by Tim Pile ARPS, member of the London Salon of Photography, using prints to illustrate "capturing the beauty of the female form in man-made and natural environments".


28th May - 7.45pm

Internal Competition

  • Annual Cups.
  • Judge - Michael Krier ARPS MA(Photography)
  • 2 Prints & 2 DPIs in each section (Colour; Mono; Nature; Creative) per entrant.
  • Rules can be found here.