A very good night against Coventry PS. We beat them by 11 points in the projected images and a massive 32 points in the prints.

Our judge, Valentina Kulagina (all the way from Moscow via Oxford and Banbury) did an excellent job. She may have struggled a bit with her English but her assessments were accurate, detailed and astute but perhaps something also very rarely found in a Club judge she took time to explain her emotional connection with many of the pictures. Naturally you may see this a little biased when you study the results below but the consensus amongst members after she had left was that she was well worth having back as a judge in future years.


Notable performances in the projected images were:

Relaxing By The Sea by Phil Welch (20 Marks)

The Divorce Papers by Andrew Leask (20 Marks)

The Divorce Papers by Andrew Leask (20 Marks)

Put that in twice because he may have felt that it was a typo the first time.

This is the first time in SPG history that a Novice has scored full marks in an Inter-club competition. Very well done Andrew.

Approaching The Signals by Malcolm Ranieri got 19 marks and ‘Through The Glass Darkly’ by newcomer Doug Watson also got 19 Marks


In the Prints There were 6 pictures held back for special attention, all of them from SPG.

They were:

Phil Welch’s ‘Just One More Fence to Go’ 19 Marks

Doug Watson’s ‘Stroll Thru’ Apparel’ 19 Marks

John Harding’s ‘In Remembrance’ (which Had Valentina in tears) 20 Marks

My ‘A Boy And His Snake, Drummer’ and ‘Boy Monks At Play’ all with 20 Marks.